Acadata Local Markets Report: September 2020

Welcome to our latest Acadata Local Markets Report, designed to help you explore what has been happening to property prices and sales activity across England and Wales. The report draws on the most recent monthly data published by HM Land Registry, and will be updated automatically shortly after new price paid data becomes available each month (so you may want to bookmark this page).

The home page provides a quick overview of how sales are evolving, both in absolute terms and also by the mix of property type and region. Currently, these describe how the housing market has been impacted by the Covid-19 lockdown and the nature of the subsequent resurgence in demand. Hovering over the charts will reveal data values.

On the home page, and all others showing data, you can view different time periods by clicking one of the time selection buttons in the middle top of the screen.

Local housing markets are the primary focus of this report, and you can explore what has been happening in individual local authorities by clicking one of the ten regional buttons towards the top of the screen. You can also navigate between pages by placing your cursor mid-way between the page numbering at the bottom of the report and single clicking your mouse. Either option takes you to a corresponding regional page, where you will see tables summarising for each local authority the latest prices by property type and how prices are developing over time, as well as an interactive map. Please note that in the top left-hand side table, showing average prices by local authority by property type for the latest month available, there will be gaps where no sales have been reported by HM Land Registry. In rare instances, where no sales at all have been reported for a local authority, its name will not appear in one or both tables.

The interactive map provides a heat map describing the annual rate of property price inflation experienced in local authorities over the period selected (at the very top of the report). Green shading denotes price weakness and purple shading price strength, with darker shades indicating more extreme movements. We have based the maps on the latest 3-month moving averages in order to smooth out distorting effects that may arise when a local authority only reports a small number of sales in the latest period, but even so we would urge caution when interpreting short-term price developments post-Covid.

If you hover your mouse over a specific local authority, this will reveal the name of the local authority, the annual price change over the period selected (the basis for the shading) and sales information for the latest month (if any), the year to date and the corresponding period from last year. Clicking a local authority (or <CTRL>+click for multiple authorities) will highlight relevant information in the left-hand data tables. Clicking again should revert to the default view with all local authorities highlighted.

The final page provides key information about the data used in the report, together with Acadata contact details.

We hope you enjoy using the report and will come back when new HM Land Registry data becomes available. Meanwhile, please email to let us know what you think about it, and/or other developments you would like to see.

Acadata Local Markets Report: September 2020