Second post
Posted: 23/05/2019

The Housing Market The latest Bank of England Inflation report (May 2019) provides ample corroboration of the trends Acadata has been reporting on for some months now. Commenting on the slow-down in house prices (according to the Bank the slowest rate of inflation since 2013), the report links this to Brexit related uncertainty, affordability constraints, […]

First blog
Posted: 23/05/2019

House Prices April 2019 In April, the average house price in England & Wales fell by a modest -£180, or -0.1%, to £302,122. This was the second month in succession that average prices have fallen marginally, although in March the price fall was even less, at -£72. Indeed, over the last twelve months – as […]

Meatloaf strip steak frankfurter, porchetta
Posted: 13/12/2017

Spare ribs pork loin beef ribs shank salami sausage pork leberkas, picanha ham hock jowl chicken capicola tongue short loin. Shoulder shankle bresaola, porchetta pork chop spare ribs swine beef ribs cow tongue ground round shank. Ribeye fatback prosciutto ham hock.